We're all about managed cloud computing and IT services

We understand the IT service challenges of your small to mid-sized business. We're one too!

We're an American-made, California-based company that's ready to tackle your unique IT cloud computing needs whether you're a small to mid-sized business or have a large business IT project.

Get more with less

Having robust IT services has a significant impact on your business. But it can be a daunting - and expensive - task to keep your IT capabilities up-to-date. By shifting key IT functions to the iStreet cloud, you can let us worry about hardware refreshes, software upgrades and security patches. This saves you both time and money while assuring that you maintain state-of-the-art IT functionalities.

We do cloud computing IT - and that's all we do

Whatever your cloud computing IT needs may be, iStreet provides flexible, scalable, and cost effective solutions for clients of all sizes.Since 2004, our people, processes, and technology have provided clients with mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications that have been crucial to the success their businesses. We want to do the same for you. Remember, we do cloud computing IT - and that's ALL we do.

Our expertise

With our team of specialists we are confident we can help you accomplish your business IT objectives. Whether it's managed cloud services, disaster recovery, online back up, or desktop as a service, you can be sure our experts will be there for you 24/365.

Put your IT on "cruise control"

Once we’ve gotten your applications and data onthe iStreet cloud, you can put your IT concerns on "cruise control". Maintainence and security become our concern. Using them becomes yours.

iStreet on the street

Delivering enterprise-class cloud computing services to EVERY customer.

We offer a dynamic suite of fully integrated, highly specialized solutions, services and products that can meet the needs of any size business. Our managed cloud computing service utilizes tools from industry leading vendors as well as custom developed, proprietary technology. Ultimately, our goal is to make enterprise-class cloud computing services accessible to every business – including yours!

Our goal is simple - to upgrade servicesfor your crucial IT applicationswhiledecreasing your IT expense.

Why iStreet?

Our Services:Our advanced managed cloud computing services provide an alternative to in-house IT hosting services.

Our Partners:iStreet utilizes tools from industry leading vendors to make enterprise-class cloud computing services accessible to you and your business! Our partners include:

oracle     sap      microsoft     VMW-LGO-VMW-MNGD-SRVCS-PRVDR-Metal


Our Blog: The View from iStreet Solutions blog features expert insights from iStreet thought leaders on emerging cloud computing business trends.

We believe our advanced managed cloud computing services can meet the unique requirements of small and mid-sized businesses as well as projects for large enterprises.If you would like to speak with us about your IT needs, please select the Contact Us button below. Thanks for considering iStreet Solutions.

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