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We have taken ourselves from a self-funded startup to an amazing trajectory of growth in our short 6 year existence.     

How our growth occurred is important but first, one thing I have learned along the way is the concept of ‘paying it forward'.  The people mentioned in this post never asked for any payback.  They all gave a piece of their business wisdom that was and is still key in the building of iStreet's strong foundation.  iStreet's foundation helps our customers, partners, and employees achieve their goals.  So this post is to communicate with our customers, future customers, and friends about the people who helped me help the iStreet team along the way.   This recognition is our small way of saying thanks and big way of making your customer experience the best it can be.

So just a few names to get us off on the right start;

Lew Platt, former Hewlett-Packard CEO, talked about work-life family balance.  That had a profound impact on how to care for people in the iStreet organization.   This care helps them have that edge that makes them totally passionate to iStreet while enhancing their commitment to their families as well. 

Gary Wessely was the most influential manager during my time at HP.  He taught that measureable results were the lifeblood of business. 

Ken Murray, also of HP and its SAP Hosting business, taught me about the big picture of a business' organization and its role in accomplishing company goals.  Brad Closs of HP gave me the authority to run the HP IT Service Management program.  Leadership of that program gave me the skills to lead the iStreet team to accomplish our ITIL / ITSM based SAP Hosting and SAP Application Management Services Certifications and more importantly attain our SAS 70 Type II certification.                 Carly Fiorina, former HP CEO, gave me executive insight into completing complex, multi-divisional business development and the importance and magnitude of the CEO to CEO executive conversation. 

Steve Gomes recognized my commitment and passion to provide enterprise class service to small and midsized businesses.  He provided the final nudge to get me out of the employee world and into the open door of the entrepreneurial world.  I want to recognize Lou Kirchener from the Sacramento colocation firm Herakles Data.  In iStreet's early days he provided guidance that has served iStreet well as we went through our initial growing pains.  Last but not least, Dave Erickson of Sun / Oracle has an unyielding faith in iStreet. He provided the introduction to Sun Microsystems, now Oracle, who has evolved as a valued longtime Partner to iStreet. 

Most important of all are our loyal customers.  We know that the ‘Customer is King' and we work every day to ensure we deliver the best service and support possible.  Our customers benefit from the rigor and discipline demanded of me and my resulting commitment to provide a fantastic customer experience.

Now back to the topic of paying it forward.  All the people mentioned have extremely high expectations of iStreet.  While we have come far we are not satisfied.  That is why you can expect a growing, and evolving organization dedicated to providing world class service  at a very affordable price.  At iStreet we work until your Customer Experience is Totally Satisfied.  Nothing less.  This is our way of ‘paying it forward'.

Thank you and stay tuned to The View from iStreet Blog.  More coming in the days and weeks ahead.


Mark Richter


iStreet Solutions, LLC




PS:  Let me know what you want to hear about.  Some ideas for future topics are:

iStreet Solutions: Providers of SAP ERP and Business Objects Hosting, Oracle Hosting, Microsoft infrastructure solutions, Microsoft Dynamics Solutions including Microsoft CRM , Microsoft Exchange 2010 servers, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, SAP Application Management Services, colocation server hosting, Sacramento colocation, Sacramento Data Center, server rental, cabinet and rack rentals. 

Let me know your ideas.  Contact us at info@istreetsolutions.com


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