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The iStreet Solutions brand is synonymous with SAP Hosting.  But we do much more.  I have been asked to detail the services iStreet offers in addition to the managed services surrounding SAP.  This edition of the View from iStreet Solutions Blog will do just that and point the reader to relevant links on our web site. 

First we will talk about the iStreet data center.  It was built in 2000 by the Kiewit Building Group, the builder of Level3 Communications Telco data centers.  There are several benefits a customer of iStreet can realize from this relationship, primarily, the data center was built as a Tier III data center, using the Uptime Institute standards.  The standard for Tier III is that the data center be concurrently maintainable.  Absolutely no corners were cut in building this first class data center.   There are many myths circulating about the standards.  Read the “Digital Realty, Uptime Debate Tier System” for information on the Industry debate about the Tier system.  A list of organizations that have had their data centers officially certified can be found here.  The Uptime Institute also publishes a list of myths about the Tier system that can be found here.

iStreet started business in the facility in August 2005 and has achieved 100% facility availability since that time.  Our customers rely on us to keep providing that same availability.  The data centers fully isolated and redundant electrical design and implementation is the key to our achievement.  The regular maintenance of the system follows the testing protocol set out and controlled by the critical elements of each manufacturer. 

Our Sacramento data center is SAS 70 Type II certified.  iStreet’s implementation of SAS 70 is sophisticated and includes colocation and additionally our hosting business.  This means that we not only have the testing protocol but that we perform the tests and document the results along the way.  This link will provide more detailed information on how we use the data center for Sacramento colocation

Please visit the iStreet Solutions web site often.  We are promoting our service catalog for the data center over the next weeks and months.  You won’t want to miss out on hearing about our long list of capabilities.  

Thank you.
Mark Richter
markr at istreetsolutions.com                        SAS 70 Type II

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