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IT Support for Application Hosting and SAS 70 Type II

Why is IT support change management important and what are the critical elements of IT support change management?  How does IT support change management for application hosting fit with SAS 70 Type II?  How do these critical elements keep the managed services provider accountable to YOU?  Get the iStreet Solutions IT Support Change Management flow tool.

The two components of any iStreet Solutions SLA regarding change are:

  • Service Change Requests
  • Service Change Orders

What are they and how do they differ? 

A Service Change Request is typically characterized by some type of configuration change that requires documenting in the CMDB.  This documenting will enable any of iStreet's technical personnel from project managers, OS & NW administrators, Oracle DBAs, to the SAP BASIS team, to know at a glance the current configuration state of an application or device.  Simple changes can be handled directly without a multi-functional meeting to document the change.  Complex changes require a multi-functional meeting, process documentation, and signature signoff by both customer and managed services provider.  Get the iStreet Solutions IT Support Service Change Request tool.

A Service Change Order has the same characteristics of the service change request but has one very important difference.  If the change is significant and material, a change in price of the overall agreement is in order.  The price change can either be a one-time charge or a recurring charge.   Both the customer and managed services provider both sign and agree.  Get the iStreet Solutions IT Support Service Change Order tool.

iStreet Solutions has gone to the extra step of having our controls audited inclusive of our processes and change management tools.  Our consistent and audited usage has enabled iStreet to achieve SAS 70 Type II certification status for our application hosting business.  Having our application hosting business certified in addition to our  Sacramento colocation business sets iStreet apart from many organizations calling themselves managed services providers.

Remember to insist on SAS 70 Type II audited processes andSAS 70 Type II tools when considering application hosting.  Compare them to those from iStreet Solutions.  We are accountable to you, our customer.  You can be sure of our accountability because of our application hosting SAS 70 Type II certification.

Let us know how we can assist in solving your IT support challenges

Mark Richter

President and CEO

iStreet Solutions, LLC

Your Sacramento Data Center




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