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iStreet Solutions, the company of advanced application hosting specialists, is offering zero-percent financing.  This program is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, with the objective of making it easier for companies to build out new IT projects on a tight budget.   The program provides promotional deals on financing for up to three years, covering the purchase or leasing of equipment including PCs, servers, and networking equipment.

 The offer gives businesses the choice to either lease or buy products. A 12-month lease program comes with a $1 purchase option while there is also a 36-month lease with a fair market value (FMV) purchase option available.

The program covers financing of between $1,000 to $25,000 worth of IT equipment products.  The program is for businesses that need help keeping their technology up to date and make the most of their IT budgets.  A requirement is colocation or hosting of the equipment in an iStreet Solutions data center.

The program is a significant benefit to many firms looking to upgrade or expand their IT infrastructure.  Leasing studies show an ROI after one or two years and in some cases even sooner.  The program is expected to help small businesses who required dedicated equipment for IT solutions that are not amenable to cloud computing because of security concerns and other private reason.  For companies that need it, full IT support managed services solutions are available at a cost effective price as well.financing solutionsTo take advantage of this offer now please provide your information below, or call us at 877-595-8479.

 Thank you.

Mark Richter
President and CEO
iStreet Solutions, LLCSAS 70 Type II

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