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The white paper on this topic is available now by clicking on thisSAS70 Type II link.  I want everyone to be aware of the ITIL impact on hosting or on premise delivery of IT application hosting solutions.  So if you want to skip right to it click on the link.Click me

Why are ITIL considerations important when considering whether to host your application through a hosting provider or on premise delivery?  The issue boils down to the horror stories I hear every day about an Exchange system sitting in a closet in the back of an office or even a restaurant.  They run fine...until they don't.

So ITIL Service Delivery focuses on the key areas of Service Level Management, Capacity Management, Service Continuity, Availability Management, and Financial Management.  These topics are not the usual topics of the technicians in the shop.  And they are not the topics of the CFO and CIO, or the people acting in those positions, but they should be.

The buzz around cloud computing is real and it is here now to stay.  But as a leader in any company knows there is still the accountability of ensuring that critical application systems are available to the users.  This is true whether you are hosting or on premise delivery based.  You have to be able to measure your internal organization or the managed service provider of your application hosting.

We are talking about Service Delivery based on ITIL.  By applying it to our comparison of hosting or on premise delivery we know in concrete terms the choices we are making.  It is necessary to do this so our users have continuous access and managers can have the correct reporting about what is happening in the business. 

This comparison is intended to get us all thinking about the best way to deliver IT application hosting services; either managed service provider hosting or on premise delivery.  Read the white paper to help you decide.

Mark Richter

President and CEO

iStreet Solutions

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