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The iStreet IT support team is often consulted on what makes up our SAP hosting pricing.  What follows are five key points to consider:

  1. SAP Hosting Service Catalog. Our catalog is extensive with all elements of SAP managed infrastructure included: developer and operational Basis, data base and OS administration, dedicated and virtual server options, high, mid, and standard performance storage options, data backup, recovery, and retention, the iStreet secure data center, and a complete daily, weekly, and quarterly support process for operation issues, and planning and reporting.SAP Hosting
  2. The company.  iStreet Solutions was SAP certified in 2005, long before many of today's late entrants into the SAP ecosystem of certified SAP hosting partners.  This has been our core business, not a late add on as it is with other companies 'getting in on the SAP hosting business'.
  3. Experience.  iStreet began with a solid base of experience with IT professionals from Hewlett-Packard's SAP hosting and outsourcing organization, Rapidigm, Fujitsu Consulting, and Intel.  Over the last 7 years our policy of continuous process improvement has led us to many new innovations in our knowledge base across the range of SAP solutions we deliver including, SAP ECC 6.0, BI, PI, Business Objects, SAP CRM 7, SCM, and SRM. Our experience benefits you as we include more detail in the SAP IT support you receive because we look at more operational details than other SAP hosting partners and certainly over non-certified rack space or colocation providers.
  4. Data management. At iStreet data integrity is job one. Your SAP production systems are always placed on mirrored high performance storage.  Backups at intervals to allow complete recovery without data loss in the unlikely event that a problem occurs.  Backups are performed on the application, data base, active and archive logs, and operating system .  iStreet's attention to detail on backups is painstaking and never ending.
  5. Monthly Reporting.  SAP has told us our reports are among the best of all SAP hosting partners.  We proivide a monthly dashboard using green, yellow, and red to show whether an SLA parameter, such as utilization, response time, or availability, is within contracted limits.  We strive to make our services levels completely transparent to you.  Our high level of reporting tells you that you are getting the service levels that you are paying for.

To find out more about our pricing and to request a complimentary SAP hosting proposal click on the link below our contact me directly.

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Mark Richter
Founder and President
iStreet Solutions



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