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Today we are taking time out from busy work schedules to do some giving back to the community. Here is the situation: I, Mark Richter, have been taken by the Muscular Dystrophy Association Sherrifs to the Lockup and need to get bailed out. My bail has been set by the MDA Judge and to be bailed out I am committed to raising $2400!!! Will you help send a child to summer camp or help fund MD research? My goals are to send 3 children to summer camp. Each $800 will allow a deserving child to go to camp. Bill Henle of Henle Associates was quick to agree to make a donation with me over the phone at my number 916-792-3762. You can also go to https://www.joinmda.org/mylockup/myhomepage/tabid/233176/participant/markr/default.aspx and use the secure site to make a donation with your credit card. Won't you take a quick moment and donate a small amount now? Don't wait! I won't get out of jail until my bail is raised! (please don't let me sit here!!!) Mark Richter 916-792-3762

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