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Hosting solutionsMicrosoft Hosting Solutions provide your business with the tools to streamline your communication and increase your productivity while keeping costs down. With Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint you will provide your staff with advanced capabilities in a secure environment which will go on to benefit your business in the long run.


Microsoft Hosted Solutions will maximize your administration capabilities. Organize and prioritize your communications with ease using the easy-to-use interface. What’s more is your Microsoft Exchange service allows administrators greater access and capabilities. Perform searches and other common tasks without the need to call a help desk. Users also gain the ability delegate role-based access for staff to perform tasks without administrative privileges.

Your Microsoft Hosted Solutions are also available on a variety of platforms. Utilize your remote access with the ability to work with Exchange or SharePoint from any desktop, browser or smartphone.


Choosing Microsoft Hosted Solutions provides your business with reliable, efficient services and the reassurance your data is protected. Your SharePoint services provide safe and secure storage of your company documents. With regular antivirus scanning and a two-stage recycling bin system, you can be sure your documents are protected.

Similarly Microsoft Exchange allows you to protect your communications by controlling the encryption of information – moderating or even blocking the transmission of sensitive data.


Microsoft Hosted Solutions provide users with the ability to share information easily across departments and to clients.  Users can use SharePoints to share documents, calendars and tasks with ease, while Microsoft Exchange can optimize your email communication. Organizing email threads into conversations allows for natural flow of conversation.  MailTips informs senders of any potential issues within an email before the mail is sent – avoiding wrongly sent or undeliverable emails. Exchange also allows users to receive voice mail messages to their inboxes, eliminating the need for additional voice mail services and letting them prioritize their messages.

Microsoft Hosting Solutions can restructure and simplify so many elements of your business operations. Improving your communication while also making sure relevant security strategies are in place can help your business operate at to its full potential.


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