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cloud hostingThe San Andreas Fault runs right through San Francisco and the Bay Area. In 1989 the seismic activity on the fault spawned the Loma Prieta Earthquake measuring 7.1 in magnitude, damaging San Francisco and the surrounding region leaving it idle for weeks. (NOTE: The March 2011 Japanese earthquake measured 8.9). Do you want your Cloud hosting with a provider in San Francisco directly on the San Andreas Fault Line? Risk averse executives choose Sacramento, well outside the Bay Area Seismic zone. The seismic zone contains the Townsend St. data center cluster, which is on top of the extremely dangerous liquefaction zone.

iStreet is ideally located, in Sacramento, a safe distance away from major seismic zones that threaten so much of the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. Cities in the Bay Area right along the fault include Redwood City. Data centers on Spring Street are built right on top of the Redwood City liquefaction zone. See map 4.6-3 on the Redwood City General Plan.

After Loma Prieta, a Herculean effort was undertaken to repair communications, bridges, and roadways to get the five Bay Area counties back to work. The prospect of another earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area occurring again is only a matter of time. Do you want your cloud hosting with a provider in the San Francisco Bay Area right on the San Andreas Fault Line?” The fault, and the extremely dangerous liquefaction zone, runs right through the city's Townsend St. data center cluster, which didn’t exist during Loma Prieta. There is no tangible information about how the Townsend and Spring St. clusters will survive, especially during another Loma Prieta or Japanese style earthquake.

In contrast the Loma Prieta earthquake left Sacramento County, which is 100 miles east of the Bay area without any damages of consequence. Many businesses come to Sacramento to host their Microsoft and other IT to be out of the fault lines endemic to the San Francisco Bay Area. Responsible executives needing to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley require a SAS 70 Type II or the new SSAE 16 certification to demonstrate their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders. Seismically safe Sacramento enables these assurances. This puts iStreet in the ideal location to support your cloud hosting.

Here in California, earthquakes are a looming disaster threat in many areas, centered especially around the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, and along the San Andreas Fault coastal regions. California’s seismic zones are a crazy quilt of risk and activity patterns, where small physical distances can equate to big differences in earthquake risk focused around those two cities.

Sacramento is less than 100 miles driving distance from San Francisco’s infamous earthquake zone, but it’s on a different – and much more seismically stable – tectonic plate. The risk of earthquake related service interruptions in Sacramento is among the lowest in the United States.

Colocation and managed cloud hosting services appeal to IT organizations for a variety of reasons. A major benefit is that hosting providers located outside of the fault zones offer higher levels of disaster preparedness than most businesses can afford for their own IT infrastructure. Their hardened data center facilities often include features like redundant power supplies, fire suppression systems, and strong physical security and raised floors.

iStreet customers can rest assured that their business-critical IT infrastructure is safe and secure. Our enterprise-class data center in West Sacramento, CA is ideal for businesses looking to affordably mitigate not only site-level risks but also seismic and other area and regional risks. Are you willing to bet your business on cloud hosting in a city along the San Andreas Fault?

Please contact me directly at markr@istreetsolutions.com to learn how we can assist in your cloud hosting migration.  Thank you for your time and attention.

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