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 Keeping your sensitive business data safe

secure-dataIT data security has once again become an issue of major concern with the recent data breach at the federal Office of Personnel Management where the personal data of four million government employees was compromised. This event has raised the level of concern company executives and IT managers have over the issue of data security. In fact, data security/management has been identified as a main priority for organizations of every size and genre.

“Data security means protecting data, such as a database, from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users.” Wikipedia

One data security solution more decision-makers are selecting is to utilize cloud service providers to host their business data. One argument often cited against cloud adoption is concern about data loss and privacy. But Paul Gillin, B2B Social Marketing Strategist and long-time technology journalist states, “…virtualization offers the same level of security as physical servers, and it’s nearly impossible for an attacker to reach the bare-metal hardware from a virtual machine, which is where the most serious damage can be done.” The following article by Gillan, featured on cio.com, addresses myths concerning cloud hosting of essential business data and provides six steps that companies need to take to keep their data safe.

Cloud Security: 6 Steps for Keeping Your Data Safe
by Paul Gillan, June 2, 2015, cio.com

An effective data security/management implementation is vital to any organization. Whether you choose an on-site or cloud hosting option, protecting your data is an absolute necessity. Should you choose a managed cloud service to host your data, iStreet Solutions has many options available to assist in developing the right plan for your organization. To find out more, select the prompt below.

iStreet Data Security/Management

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