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In our last blog post we discussed how Managed Cloud as a Service (MCaaS) provides both IT and finance benefits to help you grow your business. Now I’d like to consider the processes these cloud services can perform for you:


• Service Desk (single point of contact (SPOC) for all incidents and user issues)
• Incident Management (solve and monitor incidents, raise problems)
• Problem Management (solve and monitor problems, raise changes)
• Change Management (plan, control and perform changes)
• Configuration Management (configuration and relations between assets)
• Service Level Management (setup, review and adapt appropriate service levels)
• Capacity Management (infrastructure capacity)
• Availability Management (service availability)
• Continuity Management (business continuance)
• Cost Management (Total Cost of Ownership)

These IT processes have been well documented through the IT Infrastructure Library beginning in the early 1990’s and are continuously updated. Your author was ITIL certified in 1995 and iStreet undergoes bi-annual audits with a major software vendor to verify our compliance – something you will no longer have to do.

Our managed cloud computing as a service provides an alternative to in-house equipment specifications and procurement, operational planning, implementation, financing, and ongoing operations of your enterprise business applications. By utilizing this service as a SUPPORT for your business you are allowed to focus your effort and resources on RUNNING your business. Simple! Right!

With skilled IT staff in short supply and budgets frozen or reduced, business finance departments want to focus on their company’s core business and not on investing significant resources and capital in systems implementation and support. Enterprise application implementations require large up-front capital expense for the purchase of hardware platforms, data centers, help desks, systems administrators, monitoring, and the recruitment of permanent and ongoing consulting resources. Managed cloud computing services shields customers from costs associated with the ongoing changes in technology - which helps LOWER YOUR TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)! Service fee structure can include implementation, software, hardware, networks, technical and business process support, backup, DR, internet backbone and security. Therefore, you can be confident your enterprise applications will be managed carefully while being cost effective.

Trusting iStreet’s managed cloud computing processes with the operation of your application implementation offers a number of advantages:

• Access to iStreet’s and our partners in-depth experience and knowledge
• Faster time to implementation
• Ability to respond faster to market changes
• Improved bottom line through better TCO
• Focus on core competencies

For more information about how iStreet's managed cloud computing services can benefit your business we encourage you to download our FAQ or contact our team directly at sales@istreetsolutions.com. 

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