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The buzz surrounding cloud computing is oftentimes lost by the employees that are actually doing the work. Truth be told the cloud is simply a different way of delivering business application services to users. For users, the change should be imperceptible. But managed cloud computing does have real impact on business, particularly for the IT department - who is responsible for delivering services - and the finance department - who is responsible for paying for them. This blog post will shed new light on the topic by explaining how IT and finance departments have changed and how they would benefit by moving to managed cloud computing as a service. As a service provider that offers Managed Cloud as a Service (MCaaS) it is both our challenge and opportunity to provide these services as a valuable offering to small and medium sized businesses. We have been doing this for years. Read more...



Finance departments are constantly dealing with shrinking and even frozen budgets. Yet they are still being asked to deliver greater business value and adding to the businesses overall financial health. I would propose that utilization of managed cloud computing as a service can help finance departments achieve this task by decreasing IT expenses while maintaining support for crucial IT applications. This strategy will ultimately lead to the orderly (and profitable) running of the business [enterprise].

Selecting a cloud computing partner is crucial to accomplishing this goal. The large public cloud providers make their workload computing platforms available to businesses while engaging in a continuous battle to take pennies off their cost of service per hour. What they don’t do is help businesses put their cloud workloads onto their public cloud computing platform AND provide the kind of high touch support service that makes you feel like your IT team is right next door. This is where Managed Cloud as a Service (MCaaS) comes in. MCaaS provides high availability of your cloud computing business applications - tried and true technology and processes – while offering your IT team or the project manager of your external service provider high touch support services.

I am going to use iStreet’s managed cloud computing offering as an example of the services provided. Our services are an alternative to traditional in-house IT resources and staff which will help financial managers lower your businesses Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The iStreet team that operates our managed cloud computing services possess significant IT skill sets that include the following:

1. Network security
2. Network engineering
3. Infrastructure systems engineers and operators
4. Database admins
5. Specialty database administrators (i.e. for enterprise applications from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other ERP and CRM ISVs.)
6. Classic project managers to keep your environment properly documented and more…

Even small companies need to address both of these issues (the IT issue and the financial issue) in order to grow their business. Part 2 on this topic will address the specific processes that managed cloud computing as a service will perform as a benefit to your business. Until Part 2 comes out you can download our FAQ. 

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