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The Service Desk is a diagnostic function essential to managed cloud computing. The Wikipedia definition is “A Service Desk is a primary IT service within the discipline of IT service management (ITSM) as defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It is intended to provide a Single Point of Contact ("SPOC") to meet the communication needs of both Users and IT employees.”

Wikipedia Service Desk Definition

Sometimes the Service Desk operates in the background of cloud service management.  But when troubles arise, an effective Service Desk with properly deployed cloud management software can help make the difference between a good or ineffective problem resolution.

Operating a managed cloud requires the coordination of processes, personnel and technologies.  The cloud service management processes controlled by the Service Desk are:

  • Incident     
  • Problem
  • Configuration
  • Change
  • Release
  • Service level
  • Availability
  • Capacity
  • Financial
  • IT service continuity
  • Security

Service Desk personnel have the responsibility of providing business systems support that sustain a company’s revenue generating activities.  Actions by Service Desk personnel primarily involve being the central and single point of contact (SPOC) between managed cloud users and the cloud service management provider. In all cases our mobile and global society require that services be available whenever and wherever they are demanded.  Service Desk personnel consolidate the information surrounding the key service processes to maximize service availability.  The Service Desk springs into action to restore cloud management services whenever a degradation is noted via the incident and problem processes.

A Service Desk provides a single point of contact for IT employees and users and to report any issues they may have with the service. Examples include:

  • Problem resolution: First and foremost, the desk is there to help resolve issues as quickly as possible. This task involves recognizing and resolving relatively simple issues and prioritizing problems that may have a greater impact (e.g. Incident and Problem Management).
  • Service restoration: The desk works to restore service as quickly as possible to maintain service level agreements. Therefore, a key Service Desk role is to ensure that the agreements are enforced to the best of the company’s ability, which means tracking and monitoring service levels.
  • System support: The Service Desk provides system support, which includes dealing with any server incidents (and may also mean dealing with issues such as change and configuration management).
  • Support levels - 99.5% availability, 15 minute or 1 hour response time, etc.
  • Communication channels: Provider support for a wide variety of communication styles, including phone, email, online forms, and even mobile communications.
  • Knowledge base: Knowledge management ensures that people get the information they need – when they need it - to do their jobs correctly and efficiently.

Modern cloud management services software is available from a large number of vendors. This software coordinates service personnel, IT processes and activities that coordinate and enable the Service Desk team to support the business systems of the company.  The Service Desk functionally sees software as a structured way to effectively open cases, prioritize them, monitor them and subsequently close them.  Additionally all cases become part of a knowledge base to provide Service Desk personnel a way to resolve cases faster with more accuracy.

Can you imagine operating with an unmanaged cloud?  A cloud managed computing service is the most cost effective way to obtain effective cloud computing services. A cloud computing provider has many customers and manages many issues.  The Advanced Managed Cloud Computing Service that iStreet offers can be trusted to manage any incident when it arises in your system. iStreet is a simple call away for your Service Desk to achieve a timely and effective resolution.

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