Private Cloud Solutions

iStreet Private Cloud brings the power of the Northern California Cloud Center’s proven enterprise–class, earthquake safe infrastructure to your IT and focuses on delivering cost effective solutions.

Why consider a Private Cloud?

Sharing hardware with other businesses and enterprises can present compliance, performance and regulatory problems.  When these concerns are compounded by the thought of comingled data or application processing Cloud Center Private Cloud solutions are ideal.  Our standard cloud software is VMware so we can provide a world class Infrastructure as a Service management and control platform. 

Private Cloud Features & Benefits

  • Control and isolation. Industry leading VMware vCloud Datacenter software runs on dedicated hardware provisioned just for you.

  • Full and self-managed options.  Coupled with an on net EPL WAN network your business can have all the benefits of the Cloud Center and either manage the environment yourself or let us provide a fully managed service. The Cloud Center can provide a complete SLA based managed solution for you.

  • Secure and compliant. With VMware, the leader in all commercial virtualization and cloud software, compliance with SSAE 16 security practices is assured. 

  • Fully customizable. The industry leading management tools available on VMware assure your workloads are running in a stable and optimized state at all times.

  • Leverage existing investments. Workloads previously virtualized on VMware or other hypervisors (XEN, EC2 Red Hat, KVM and others) in your data center can be easily redeployed in the Cloud Center.

  • Include a Hybrid solution.  Also available are dedicated servers for those core applications needing the dedicated power and isolation while co-existing with your non-core virtualized IT. DR solutions for your on premise IT are available as well.

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