SQL Server is the foundation of Microsoft's data platform

SQL Server is the foundation of Microsoft's data platform, delivering mission-critical performance with in-memory technologies and faster insights on any data, whether on-premises or in the cloud. The new SQL Database service tiers, Basic, Standard, and Premium are currently available through iStreet.

These service tiers raise the bar for what you can expect from a database-as-a-service with business-class functionality that is both built-in and seamless to use—allowing you to dramatically increase the number of databases managed under a single database administrator.

These tiers address the needs of today’s demanding cloud applications by providing predictable performance for your light- to heavy-weight transactional applications while also ensuring the performance of your apps are no longer affected by other customer workloads. Additionally, the new tiers provide you with the following new capabilities:

  • Higher uptime SLA, previously at 99.9%, uptime is now 99.99%–one of the highest in the database-as-a-service industry
  • Point-in-time-restore, with built-in backups and up to 35 days of data retention
  • Active geo-replication and standard geo-replication options for continuous data replication to geographically dispersed secondaries
  • Larger database sizes, previously at 150 GB, database max size is now up to 500 GB
  • Auditing for added security confidence

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