Our Disaster Recovery solutions ensure there is no worst-case scenario.

You can't predict the future, but you can be prepared for it. The best preparation anticipates and mitigates risk. We don't wait for something to happen to respond – we have already planned for any eventuality, and have processes in place to immediately ensure restoration, continuity and compliance in the face of any unforeseen situation.

iStreet’s Disaster Recovery solutions ensure desired business continuity and, thereby, peace of mind. Whatever your needs, our recovery experts will work with you to guarantee that your custom plan is ready if or when you need it.

We can develop and execute hot site applications to provide critical immediate recovery of data and applications, warm site solutions for near-time recovery, or cold site recovery for non-mission-critical applications.


Hot Site solutions provide immediate recovery of infrastructure, data and applications through a fully redundant, data center configuration that mirrors your production systems. Dedicated data center space and infrastructure are included to ensure mission-critical applications are available in the event of a disaster. Following a disaster, the hot site enables businesses to fail-over in real-time to the alternate site in the event of an emergency or disaster. This solution supports uninterruptible and near immediate recovery.


Warm Site solutions provide near-time recovery of infrastructure, data and applications through a redundant, data center configuration. The systems and data are synchronized on a periodic basis allowing for recovery after current information is restored or based on aged data from last synchronization. This solution is suitable for businesses that can tolerate several hours of downtime while systems are updated.


Cold Site solutions provide recovery of infrastructure, data and applications through configuration of equipment and restoration of data from backups at a disaster recovery location. This solution does not include mirroring of systems or data prior to disaster. This solution is suitable for non-mission critical applications and for businesses that do not need 24/7 availability.

We have the resources in place to ensure that your business stays up and running in the face of any eventuality.

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