How Can Cloud-Hosted IT Services Benefit Me?

Cloud Managed IT services optimize your IT operations.

A sample of benefits cloud-hosted IT services provides:

Access anytime, anywhere, on any device: With more and more business personnel working remotely this is an essential cloud IT function. By following secure login protocol, users gain access to company documents, files, and applications anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Save money: Exchanging significant up-front capital expenses for a “pay-as-you-go” operational expense results in predictable, periodic service payments and long-term cost savings.

Make the main thing the main thing: By shifting IT maintenance and management to iStreet, your IT staff can focus on strategically utilizing your IT resources to benefit business performance. We monitor and manage your data and app’s… YOU SIMPLY USE THEM.

Gain business flexibility and agility: Adopting cloud IT services will provide the benefits of flexibility (quickly expand/reduce IT services as needed) and agility (automatically receive system/software upgrades as they are released).

Improve sharing and collaboration: Cloud computing facilitates faster, more accurate, and more extensive data sharing between your business offices and departments – which promotes collaboration.

Security: iStreet provides superior security for your cloud IT operations through compliance with strict international security standards. iStreet also performs regularly scheduled security audits.

Contact us at or 866-976-3976 if you’d like to discuss how cloud-hosted IT Services might benefit you and your business. We’re more than glad to assist to you.

Our goal is IT SIMPLIFIED.


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