"FASTEST" - Service Level Agreement (SLA) Managed IT Service Level

An SLA Managed IT Service Level package, offers superior services and support for your cloud-hosted IT operations.

Most people require a blueprint for contractors to start building a new home or a warranty with the purchase of a new car. With iStreet's FASTEST Service Level, an SLA Managed IT Services package serves as the blueprint and warranty for the highest level of iStreet cloud IT services and support.

At this level, iStreet will draft an SLA that includes defined, measureable cloud-hosted IT service deliverables. Purposes include:

  • Codifying the specific parameters and minimum levels required for each element of the service, as well as remedies for failure to meet those requirements.
  • Affirming your company’s ownership of its data stored on the service provider’s system, and specifies your rights to retrieve it.
  • Detailing the system infrastructure and security standards to be maintained by the service provider, along with your rights to audit their compliance.
  • Specifying your rights and cost to continue and discontinue using the service.

An effective SLA should address:

  • Availability (e.g. 99.99% during work days, 99.9% for nights/weekends)
  • Performance (e.g. maximum response times)
  • Security / Privacy of the data (e.g. encrypting all stored and transmitted data)
  • Disaster Recovery expectations (e.g. worse case recovery commitment)
  • Location of the data (e.g. consistent with local legislation)
  • Access to the data (e.g. data retrievable from provider in readable format)
  • Portability of the data (e.g. ability to move data to a different provider)
  • Process to identify problems and resolution expectations (e.g. call center)
  • Change Management process (e.g. changes – updates or new services)
  • Dispute mediation process (e.g. escalation process, consequences)
  • Exit Strategy with expectations on the provider to ensure smooth transition

IT Services available at the FASTEST Service Level may include:

  • Strategy & Development
  • Migration Service
  • SLA Operating System Management
  • VM Management
  • Monitoring
  • SLA Managed Application Hosting
  • Database Administration Level 3
  • SLA Security Management
  • SLA Capacity Management
  • SLA Managed Cloud Storage
  • SLA Managed Network Storage
  • SLA Managed Back-Up and Recovery
  • SLA Managed Business Continuity
  • SLA Managed Disaster Recovery
  • SLA Service Reporting
  • SLA Support Services
  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Managed Applications may include:

  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamic Suite
  • Microsoft CRM
  • MS SQL 2012 Data Base, OMS ERP
  • SAP All-in-One
  • SAP Advanced BASIS

If you’d like to find out more about iStreet’s FASTEST IT Service Level, contact us at solutions@istreetsolutions.com. We’d be glad to discuss options with you.

Our goal is IT SIMPLIFIED.

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