Secure, resilient operation of business applications is crucial to business performance.

iStreet understands that companies are looking at innovative ‘as-a-Service’ ways of improving their cloud-hosted IT business applications. Optimizing operational cost and guaranteeing high-performing user-utilization are also key requirements.

With our Application Management Services, iStreet supports businesses in achieving these objectives. Our enterprise-class application management capabilities have impact far beyond cost reduction and user-operation.

Application Hosting

iStreet offers industry-leading IaaS service providers that deliver open and flexible platforms, global scalability and powerful capabilities to provide everything you need to host your business-critical applications in the cloud. Whether you choose AWS, Azure, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, vCloud Air or the iStreet Highway, you will benefit from platform services that provide automatic operating system and service patching, network load balancing, resiliency to hardware failure, and a deployment model that enables you to update your apps without downtime. Scale up or scale down as needed for a wide range of app hosting scenarios, and only pay for what you use.

Application Maintenance

iStreet’s team of experts perform the following maintenance tasks that keep your mission-critical applications up and running 24x7x365: 

  • Corrective maintenance: We employ sophisticated systems to capture data that reports on the health of your applications. We then view these metrics to correct errors and remove bugs, ensuring your applications run continuously and flawlessly.
  • Adaptive maintenance: We analyze, develop, test, implement, and document new application functionalities.
  • Preventive maintenance: We monitor legal changes and deploy patches, upgrades and releases to ensure your applications are up-to-date and compliant.

Application Management

Application options available through iStreet include:






Open Source




Office 365

Advanced BASIS


Dynamic Suite









If you’d like to discuss developing a comprehensive managed application strategy, contact us at or 866-976-3976. We’d be glad to discuss options with you.

Our goal is IT SIMPLIFIED.


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