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iStreet offers continual improvement solutions to ensure your IT services are reliable and up-to-date.

Service Measurement: The Service Measurement Index (SMI) defines a framework and method for the calculation of a relative index, which may be used to compare IT Services against one another, or to track services over time.

Service Reporting: The Service Reporting process reports on the results achieved both operationally and strategically. It also reports on any developments related to Service Level Agreements such as hitting various targets, like availability. Its purpose is to provide information to both IT and the business in order for informed decisions to be made.  IT and the business should agree on the format and style of reports to suit their relevant audiences.

Continual Service Improvement: Continual Service Improvement is responsible for managing improvement to IT Service Management Processes and IT Services. The performance of the IT Service Provider is continually measured and improvements are made to processes, IT Services and IT Infrastructure in order to increase Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Cost Effectiveness.

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