IT Security solutions

PHYSICAL SECURITY: What facility measures are provided to keep my data assets secure?

iStreet Solution: Physical security measures at iStreet data centers include:

  • Power management and redundancy including diesel generator backup
  • Network redundancy
  • Full fire prevention, suppression and alarms
  • Strong access controls including dual key-card and biometric access controls, camera surveillance and strict “visitor/delivery” policies
  • Building features include lightning protection and 100% raised floors in server rooms.

DATA BACK-UP: What about back-up of essential business information?

iStreet Solution: A data backup system should contain at least one copy of all desired data. Unless otherwise agreed, iStreet’s backup services typically include:

  • Implementation of a backup strategy and procedures
  • Daily, weekly and monthly backups of the SAP application, database, archive logs and file systems
  • Management of backup software and media

DISASTER RECOVERY: What happens to my cloud hosted data in the event of a major disaster?

iStreet Solution: The potential of a major disaster, either natural or man-made, highlights the importance of having a viable and continuously operational disaster recovery plan.  iStreet’s Disaster Recovery provisions ensure recovery of your hosted environment(s), including network connectivity. This may include recovery at an alternate processing location in the event of a catastrophic failure.

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