Cloud Supported Applications

Network and Data Intensive Web Applications

  • For application developers and architects our colocation support enables them to build data-intensive, Web-oriented applications quickly and reliably. Our colocation bundles allow you to get migrated and installed so your dedicated server or your per-VM licensing model gives you more latitude to amend your application architecture with fewer licensing constraints.

  • IT gets and agile platform that makes application easy to deploy, instantly scalable, and portable across clouds.

  • End users get applications that are data rich, quick to access, and always available. 

ERP Landscapes

  • Colocation support for enterprise companies and your SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or Open Source ERP and CRM applications.

  • Specialized ERP & IT service providers are provided with a secure, reliable, SSAE 16 Type II infrastrucure.  Together with iStreets experienced and SAP Certified IT staff service providers will find a reliable company should the need for extensive ERP support arise.

  • End users get a colocation provider with 100% data center uptime since its founding in 2004.

Private vClouds.

  • Service providers and enterprises all require a secure, reliable, and SSAE 16 Type II compliant data center. 

  • vCloud, RedHat, OpenStack, Citrix and more virtualization platforms can be colocated at iStreet.

  • End users get secure high performance bandwidth!

Exchange Clusters

  • Enterprise companies can locate their Exchange server cluster in the company server room. Many server rooms are vulnerable to power interruptions. Companies can keep maintaining the primary in the server room and locate the secondary Exchange at iStreet.

  • Service providers need a highly available colocation data center to ensure their Hosted Exchange is always properly powered.  Meet your SLAs to your customers by colocating at iStreet.

  • End users don’t have to suffer with down time due to power and network outages.

Data Bases

  • Enterprise database servers colocated at iStreet provides a highly reliable power and network facility to defray the risk of data losses and interruptions. Data loss can cripple an enterprises ability to manage its finance, accounting, HR, sales, distribution, supply chain and more.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service ) service providers trust the high availability of the colocation at iStreet. With 100% availability of power and network since 2004 iStreet is the smart choice.

  • End users are able to focus on their jobs without a thought to down time through data loss.