How can businesses achieve the high levels of open access and secure control that will enable them to fully capitalize on growth opportunities?

The key is identity management: It offers tools to operate securely and efficiently, achieve and sustain compliance, and protect critical information ranging from corporate resources to personal user information - all while offering access to more resources and users.

By providing everything required to effectively manage identities, both within the enterprise and across traditional business boundaries, identity management makes it possible to securely deliver the right resources to the right people, at the right time, and in the right context. In this way, it enables businesses to dramatically accelerate growth while leaving competitors far behind - safely and securely.

Today, businesses operate in an atmosphere that combines opportunity and fear. Unfortunately, for many businesses, fear seems to dominate. iStreet Solutions provides the controls that enable businesses to accelerate without fear. Simultaneously addressing risk reduction on the one hand - to the left of the scale - and accelerated growth on the other, as shown on the right. In this sense, Access Management provides both the gas pedal to accelerate business growth and the brakes to ensure safety and control.

iStreet's Access Solutions are targeted to deliver secure access to server-based applications and/or desktop environments running on Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Mainframe and Midrange systems from a wide variety of client platforms and devices. Our software options provide a powerful enhancement to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Meet complex integration challenges by providing secure application access as a network service allowing for seamless integration with portals and other essential infrastructure components.

Sun Secure Global Desktop

Sun Secure Global Desktop Software web-enables legacy applications quickly without costly re-writes and delivers those applications side-by-side with modern server-based applications. This allows for consolidation of critical applications and data onto highly reliable, centrally maintained servers and off individual desktop and laptop computers, improving manageability while increasing flexibility.

Sun Secure Global Desktop Software allows you to:

  • Access applications from nearly any location on the internet over a secure connection without specialized hardware
  • Reduce costs by centralizing management of users and applications
  • Enable auditing of application usage
  • Dramatically reduce the time to securely deliver applications
  • Ensure users can access only applications they are authorized to use
  • Increase resiliency by housing application sessions at the data center and not on individual PCs


For a small to medium business solution the Citrix Access Platform brings secure remote access and efficient centralized management of information resources within easy reach of smaller organizations. This could be a business that has fewer than 75 users. It might be a government agency with hundreds of employees. Or it might be a non-profit group that relies on contributions. For these small and mid-sized organizations, Citrix products align with their basic access challenges - doing business faster, more efficiently, more productively and, ultimately, more profitably.

Products offered include:

  • Citrix Access Essentials - The most cost-effective way for small organizations to acquire all of the essentials for convenient, secure access.
  • Citrix Access Gateway - The best SSL VPN solution.
  • Citrix GoToMeeting - Instant, secure and cost-effective meetings.

For an enterprise wide solution the Citrix Access Platform provides enterprises with secure, well-managed access to business information wherever it lives - on demand. Citrix products are offered as standalone solutions and as packages to solve large-scale, complex access challenges.

The Citrix Access SuiteTM, for example, helps enterprises that have many thousands of users who need mobile and remote access, and those that have extensive regulatory requirements governing access to data. Enterprise customers can buy part or all of the Citrix Access Platform, and be assured that whenever they add Citrix products to extend access to more people in more situations, all of the component products will work together.

Products offered include:

  • Citrix Access Suite - An access platform bundle of Citrix Presentation Server, Access Gateway and Password Manager.
  • Citrix Presentation Server - The industry-standard for application virtualization of line of business applications using a centralized and secure architecture.
  • Citrix Password Manager - The most efficient way to access all applications with a single password.
  • Citrix Access Gateway - The best SSL VPN solution.