Properly securing and maintaining your hosting environment is impossible without a robust set of tools designed specifically to ensure availability.

When choosing a hosting provider, it is essential to evaluate the systems and services used to manage your hosting environment.

Application Hosting
Our Enterprise Hosting services have been designed to provide enterprise-caliber best practices, support, infrastructure, and services, while offering the flexibility to scale so our customers can focus on their business. Whether your applications reside on Microsoft, Linux, UNIX or are heterogeneous in nature, iStreet's foundation of services and support combine together to create a customized hosting platform that scales up and down as you need it.

iStreet understands what it takes to provide Enterprise Hosting. The foundation is built on our highly available and redundantly architected data centers. Our data centers are fully staffed with iStreet engineers - 24 x 7 x 365 - who rely on best-of-breed technologies from our Tier 1 technology partners. Solutions are customized based on the customer requirements, with iStreet providing full support and management up to the customer's application to provide a comprehensive SLA that is based on the overall architecture and redundancy.

Technology is only one aspect of the solution. iStreet's people make the difference. Our engineers have deep expertise, background, and certifications in designing and supporting highly available N-Tier solutions. We support applications that are built on Microsoft .NET, IIS, J2EE, IBM WebSphere, and other Tier 1 platforms. Our database expertise encompasses MS SQL Server 2000 and Oracle.

We support single-instance, multi-instance, as well as advanced clustering solutions on both SQL and Oracle. By understanding both the business and technical needs of our customers, iStreet engineers architect the highest-available solution and monitor the environment 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure the highest availability and uptime. Solutions range up to geographically load-balanced designs across multiple data centers. Highly available designs incorporate redundant switch fabric, firewalls, load balancing, redundant server designs, database clustering, and highly available storage solutions. Our Enterprise Hosting Portfolio includes:

  • Software as a Service
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database Server
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Custom Application Infrastructure
  • Business Application Infrastructure
Why Managed vs. Co-location?
For a company thinking about co-location, there are many hidden costs to take into consideration. Co-location may not be as economical a solution as it may appear. Instead, managed hosting carries many financial and resource advantages and removes many of the process issues usually associated with hosting.

The hidden costs of co-location include up-front capital expenditure, hardware depreciation, overall maintenance and network infrastructure, all of which ultimately lead to additional risk.

Capital Expenditure
When pursuing the co-location option, companies need to buy all the necessary equipment up front, which can impact on a company's budgeted capital expenditure. Whereas iStreet Solutions eases the financial burden, allowing a company to spread the cost more evenly in affordable monthly installments.

Hardware Depreciation
The exponential rate of technological change in the server component market means that once systems are bought, they will quickly depreciate. Through taking the responsibility of owning equipment that will depreciate, iStreet Solutions alleviates this burden for customers as well.

Overall Maintenance
In a co-located environment, a company must take steps to ensure they have a disaster recovery solution in place in the event of equipment failure. For a truly robust solution, a company needs, at a minimum, a warm spare for every component in the configuration on hand, as well as level 3 technicians ready to diagnose and address the problem. Specializing exclusively in managed hosting, iStreet Solutions has all the necessary equipment, multiple spares of every component and level 3 technicians on hand 24/7/365 to ensure that our customers receive the best service. This takes the headache and expense away from our customers.

Companies who choose co-location will have to recreate network infrastructure, which can also be very expensive. iStreet Solutions has a multi-homed network through several providers to ensure that we are not completely reliant on any one provider should they experience network problems. This means that our customers' data will always reach its destination in the shortest time possible and with minimal packet loss. In addition, iStreet Solutions has a Riverstone powered Network, with unique self healing attributes, allowing us to deliver on our 100% infrastructure availability guarantee.

The upfront costs associated with co-location, plus the tying up of funds into hardware, re-creating the network, hardware depreciation and failure, as well as hiring staff to manage it all, commits resources into just one area of the business. In doing so, this inherently means considerable risk for a company. iStreet Solutions allows customers to have flexible month-to-month contracts so there is little risk involved. In addition, by taking over the management of our customers' hosting environment, iStreet Solutions alleviates the pressure on their internal IT staff, freeing up resources to be re-deployed into more profitable areas.

Flexible Bandwidth Management
After an initial backup, iStreet Sync transmits only incremental changes to minimize bandwidth consumption. Bandwidth throttling also enables you to control the amount of bandwidth used during specified time periods.

Device Monitoring and Management - Monitoring
Without a monitoring program, an organization can suffer the effects of swamped servers or overloaded databases, security breaches or basic failures without even knowing about it. iStreet Solution's monitoring services provide you with customizable 360-degree visibility into the health of your hosting infrastructure.

Applications and Databases
We employ sophisticated systems to capture data that reports on the health of your application and database. We then view these metrics to optimize performance, availability and storage performance.

Processes and Services
Our customers rely on us to measure a number of other important infrastructure variables. A customized monitoring program can be configured to track and document bandwidth utilization, security incidents, load balancing and other Web activities.

Device Monitoring and Management - Server & Device Administration
The systems and expertise needed to build, deploy and operate servers are complex and require substantial technical and administrative investments. Few companies want to invest in the resources needed to establish and maintain a Web-oriented data center. iStreet Solutions offers comprehensive administrative services designed specifically to support an enterprise-hosting environment.

Our Server and Device Administration capabilities include:

Network Administration
We manage the provisioning, deployment, testing and ongoing management of all networking devices, including routers, switches, SSL accelerators, firewalls, routing tables and VPNs.

Hardware Administration
We closely monitor customer hardware and other devices to identify and resolve emerging issues to provide the highest possible levels of uptime and performance.

Software Administration
We also manage the installation of your Operating System and supporting software. This includes the provisioning, testing and deployment of security patches, service packs, upgrades and revisions. By closely monitoring log files and other indicators, we can provide valuable insight into site performance, traffic patterns, disk space usage and other variables.

Application Administration
We offer assistance with the installation of supported applications and can provide remote administrative and application management resources. These application services include managed backup, database administration and data migration. Ask an iStreet Solutions Representative about the Windows, Linux, and Solaris applications we support.

Device Monitoring and Management - Reporting

End-to-End Capabilities
iStreet Solutions can manage every deployment detail, from the procurement of systems and components to the building and testing of servers.

Rapid RFP Response
We have streamlined the ordering and pricing process, meaning RFPs will be returned quickly, usually within 24 hours.

Capacity Planning
We work with our customers on a consulting basis to understand and forecast capacity requirements.

Automated Deployment Tools
iStreet Solutions employs the most capable automated systems for the loading, configuration and testing of Operating Systems and Web applications. These automated systems ensure both fast and reliable deployments.

Monitoring Technologies
We utilize advanced monitoring technologies from Dell and Microsoft. We track and analyze hardware, software and bandwidth performance, and offer expert advice on future capacity requirements.