Maximize your TCO by delivering greater business value through your SAP systems.

You can manage the overall cost of your core business applications by moving towards pre-configured IT infrastructure for your SAP application, the underlying systems infrastructure, and the SAP operation. Hosting your SAP application at iStreet will allow you to mitigate risk by relying on a partner that ensures secure and continuous operation.

iStreet services for SAP offer an alternative to in-house operational planning, implementation, staffing, training, and ongoing operations of SAP applications. You can be confident your SAP will be managed carefully by the following iStreet IT Service Management processes certified by SAP:

  • Service Desk (single point of contact (SPOC) for all incidents)
  • Incident Management (solve and monitor incidents, raise problems)
  • Problem Management (solve and monitor problems, raise changes)
  • Change Management (plan, control and perform changes)
  • Configuration Management (configuration and relations between assets)
  • Service Level Management (setup, review and adapt appropriate service levels)
  • Capacity Management (infrastructure capacity)
  • Availability Management (service availability)
  • Continuity Management (business continuance)
  • Cost Management (Total Cost of Ownership)

SAP Application Hosting and Outsourcing Services

With skilled IT staff in short supply and budgets frozen or reduced, companies wish to focus on their core business and not have to redirect resources and capital to systems implementation and support. On-site SAP implementations require large up-front capital expense for the purchase of hardware platforms, data centers, help desks, systems administrators, monitoring, and the recruiting of permanent and consulting resources. Customers who utilize SAP Application Hosting  and Outsourcing Services are shielded from costs associated from up-front capital expense as well as changes in technology. Hosting service fee structures can include implementation, software, hardware, networks, technical and business process support, backup, DR, internet backbone and security.

Trusting iStreet with the operation of your SAP implementation offers a number of advantages.

  • Access to iStreet's and our partners in-depth experience and knowledge
  • Faster time to implementation
  • Ability to respond faster to market changes
  • Improved bottom line through better TCO
  • Focus on core competencies

iStreet is a certified mySAP Business Suite hosting partner.

SAP High Availability Service

Clustering technology insures that critical resources are available for SAP systems. This insures that file systems, SAP instances, database, network interfaces, and resource such as NFS remain robust. SAP WAS (Web Application Server) 6.40 includes the ability to replicate critical services to improve uptime. The planning, implementation, and testing of cluster resources under failover are a focus of this service. A critical success factor is the reduction of Single Points of Failure (SPOF).

SAP Backup and Disaster Recovery (Business Continuity) Service

Systems are subjected to various types of failures and may have significant impact to a client's environment. Backup and recovery procedures need to be frequently practiced by system administrators to ensure that the procedures are not outdated and that the correct data is being used. Availability of the SAP system is analyzed and a procedure is established to backup the SAP system and test recovery. The SAP Enterprise requires the ability to continue business in any disaster. DR backup and replication must be planned, implemented and tested. iStreet consultants and your SAP hardware provider work with you to optimize this strategic component of your enterprise. The infrastructure components supporting this Certified SAP Hosting service include:

  • Backup and Restore / Archive and Retrieve
  • D2D2T (Disk to Disk to Tape)
  • True On-line Backup with Online Restore
  • Automated Archiving
  • Disaster Recovery Plan for full recovery of your SAP Servers
  • Compliance - HIPPA, DOD, SOX, Corp, etc.

SAP End-to-End (Go Live) Service

This service complements the SAP Going Live - Technical Health Check Service by assessing the status of the newly architected and integrated SAP production environment and its readiness for going live. While the SAP Going Live - Technical health Check service focuses on the SAP system components in the environment, the Sun End-to-End Service focuses on the technical network and platform infrastructure supporting the SAP Application(s). The Goal of this service is to identify any potentially remaining issues or processes needing to be addressed before full production deployment.

SAP Education Services

iStreet and its complementary partners have developed a comprehensive set of services to help you build and develop the knowledge that lets your employee's best use and operate SAP:

  • SAP user training rollouts

Secure optimum use of new application functions through effective and efficient training and e-learning technologies.