Building and evolving your infrastructure for SAP are complex and demanding tasks that pull your resources away from their current responsibilities.

iStreet provides the experience to build and rapidly deploy your SAP infrastructure and keeps in mind the following factors:

  • Availability and performance are defined by the way the SAP application supports your business processes.
  • The availability and performance levels your business needs should be matched with what you are prepared to invest in.
  • Upgrading from SAP R/3 to mySAP ERP requires the architecting and sizing of the new hosted infrastructure.
  • Managing growth in numbers of users and data volumes as well as numbers of mySAP solutions to be supported.
  • Managing TCO by hosting your SAP application through iStreet Certified SAP Hosting.

SAP Systems Migration Services

This service migrates existing SAP business systems to a new, Certified SAP Hosting at iStreet upgraded technology platform. It is designed to deliver a continuous improvement and seamless migration with minimal impact to business continuity. The migrated SAP system is ready to use for development, QA/test, or production. The service moves all existing necessary SAP components related to the SAP environment, and adds new hardware and software as appropriate to achieve the optimal platform. Then, data and functions in the migrated system are fully tested to ensure proper operation. The Migration Service is a collaborative effort between iStreet complementary SAP partner consultants and the customer. A high level of experience in this service has resulted in the development of the toolsets and a methodology that minimizes the downtime and TCO.

SAP Technology Refresh (Upgrade) Service

Upgrading your SAP application to a new version is a critical process to improve the efficiency of your SAP Enterprise landscape. This service reviews a platform upgrade strategy, plans, and implements the transition with minimal impact to availability. The iStreet technology refresh is designed to work together with your SAP consultants upgrading your application and at the same time moving to a Certified SAP Hosting at iStreet solution.