I rarely have an issue with our services

Our experience with iStreet has really reduced the amount of issues we have with our services. Even when we've had the occasional problem, it has been addressed promptly, professionally, and completely. This is the kind of service we know we can count on, always.

In particular, with other IT firms it's hard to feel like you're anything more than a number. iStreet makes me feel like they actually care about my problems, and the solutions mean more than just a bottom line.

What kind of service do you want to have? What do you need to be able to rely on? iStreet gives you this kind of security and professionalism, while also treating you like an actual person. If you want to stop worrying about your data and services, and have experienced people working for you, iStreet is the right choice for your company.

Christina Richter, MBA
Roseville Historical Society
Roseville, California